(Mega Cab - Rear Vent Only)">

3rd Gen Ram (02-09) Intermediate Cam Gear (DT-MC-ICG)
(Mega Cab - Rear Vent Only)

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The Intermediate Cam Gear is the piece that connects to the defroster door driver and drives the rear vent control door in Mega Cab trucks with the rear vents. It is only on Mega Cab trucks with the rear vents and will not fit any other vehicle.

NOTE-Our replacement aluminum Intermediate Cam Gear is bolted from the inside of the HVAC box and requires the box to be disassembled to install.  It will not "snap" into the box like the OEM plastic gear.  The linkage rod included with our Intermediate Cam Gear will only work with our aluminum defroster door driver. If you plan on re-utilizing the OEM plastic defroster door and driver, you must re-utilize the OEM linkage rod that connects the defroster door driver to the Intermediate Cam Gear.

The Intermediate Cam Gear is CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum and includes a replacement linkage rod.  Like all of our parts, we proudly guarantee this piece for life.

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