Custom Application Request

Trucks, Cars, SUVs, Semis, Tractors, Bulldozers, Excavators, etc., we do them all!  If you need an HVAC door that isn’t listed on our site then we can usually make it for you.  Custom applications do require more time and are quite a bit more involved than products we already have available.  At a minimum, we will require measurements, pictures, and the old broken door in order to make a custom replacement.  Sometimes, we will need the entire HVAC housing to properly fabricate custom replacements.  This means that you will have to disassemble your vehicle to remove the broken pieces and send them to us before we can start fabricating your replacement.  Typically, we can have a replacement fabricated for you within two weeks. If you are willing to work with us, then we will work with you to get a replacement door that we proudly guarantee will NEVER FAIL AGAIN! Use the "Contact Us" button below and please provide us with as much detail as you can (make, model, year, parts you need, etc.) One of our technicians will contact you directly to discuss the details of getting your replacement parts fabricated.

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