(Dual Zone Only)">

Jeep WJ (99-04) Grand Cherokee Complete Repair Kit (WJ-3DR-Y)
(Dual Zone Only)

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This is a complete kit to repair the heater in your 99-04 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee (Dual Zone Only).  This kit includes a new Recirculation Door and a new Blend Door with aluminum drivers for both doors. All of our products are CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum and are guaranteed for life.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert S.
Worked perfectly

Full time technician worked perfectly.

Mark S.
Aluminum Blend Doors made to last, at the price of plastic. WOW !

I had the usual blend door problem that is common in Jeep products, being somewhat picky I didn’t want to fix the doors the easy way and cut into the side of the heater box. So I removed the dash and everything else, to do the job right, hearing good reviews on Dorman products and they had a lifetime warranty I bought the complete door and housing kits. I installed them into the heater box and reassembled everything, as expected everything worked great, (for a couple months) then I had the same problem all over again, the plastic doors had failed again. I decided to go online and research other products to fix this once and for all. Then I ran across Blend Door USA, looked over the products and was impressed with the aluminum construction and made to fit applications of the kits. So I decided to buy the kit and give it a try over getting a warranty replacement for the other doors I just replaced. When the door kit came in, I was very happy with the construction of the parts, the thickness and quality of the foam seals on the doors. I went back to work taking everything apart again ! Was very pleased how the blend doors went right into place. Assembled everything and checked out the operation of the system. Everything worked like a charm, and I’m pleased to say still is. I believe that problem is gone forever.
Thank you, Blend Door USA

Bjorn N.
Top notch but comes with a price tag.

Fixing the blend doors the right way is the hard way. It takes a day to take the dash apart and a day to fix the HVAC system. The reason why it takes so long to fix the system is that once open, one will find more problems to address. I replaced all foam to get doors that seal and we are not talking about the blend doors now but those for the different zones. Get yourself some foam, I found one that has worked great now for 5 months, at JoAnns, and some very good 3M spray glue and go to work. The blend doors themselves are a thing of CNC beauty and fitted in perfectly. The foam is a little thick but some time of use will make them seal just fine, I am sure. Putting everything together is a breeze and goes a lot faster than taking it apart. My wife and I did it together, but I am sure any assistance will do. One does not have to be married.
Destructionables are available at wj jeeps website and that site is a wonderful tool for any information and maintenance for Jeeps in general.

Jeffrey R.
Better than OEM

Work like supposed too. Better than original.